praise for simplicity

No sensationalism or bling here.

Instead, we invite you, in all simplicity, to an experience of plenitude and contemplation in front of this raw and preserved nature that surrounds us.

In the heart of the peaceful hamlet of La Rua,

the house is nestled in a splendid green setting. Turned towards the mountain, it brings us this precious feeling of living inside-outside and of being one with this outside nature.

From the large larch wood terraces, or from the comfort of the gîtes, nature embraces us. At our feet flows a river topped by a bridge as a starting point for short and long hikes.


invitation to relax

We have tried to create an atmosphere that invites everyone to slow down, to take time for themselves and to savor the sweetness of simply doing nothing.
Our home, your home,

What could be more comforting than the feeling of being at home? We have thought of our places as the vacation homes in which we would like to live.

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would like to stay and spend happy moments ourselves. You will find shelves full of our family books, comics that have rocked our childhood and other memories or finds. And as we hate to spend hours looking for a pen, cooking with an unsharp knife or reading in a poorly lit corner, it is quite naturally that we thought of this kind of details.

Come with peace of mind

No stress, it’s the vacations! Upon arrival, you will find your beds made and soft towels. All …

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the small supplies you will need to start your stay will fall into your hands, from the garbage bag to the organic olive oil, without forgetting small surprises that we like to make discover… We will be happy to share our good addresses and secret spots, but also to help you find the activity that suits you.

Soft and cozy

Because comfort comes first and foremost through coziness, here there is no compromise on the quality of the equipment. Our comforters…

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and down pillows, our washed linen bedding and our natural latex mattresses are a hit. Linen, wool, fur, velvet, cotton… we like warm and natural materials, raw or sophisticated. We make room for cushions, plaids and furs of all kinds that generously dot our interiors.

Special moments

There are some things that instantly help to disconnect. We have tried to put as much as possible in the…

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our lodgings. The pellet stoves and the pleasure of their flame, the balcony terraces and the garden hanging over the river, the zen atmosphere of our waxed concrete bathrooms, with their hydrotherapy equipment, their mood lighting and candles… To further relax, massages can be performed at home.

au natur(ɛ)l

our eco-responsible approach

Who said that ecology could not rhyme with comfort? Our house is a wonderful playground for us to try out other ways of doing things and to give them to you to discover.
100% clean

It is for us an evidence to use ecological products and not to pollute the waters of our river which we like so much. All our supplies…

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without exception are ecological, and all the food products provided in our lodgings are from organic agriculture. To minimize packaging, we prefer to use bulk products as much as possible.

♥︎ our committed suppliers

We love them and we are proud to make you discover them in our lodgings

Always further

Waste sorting, compost, green electricity, pellet stove heating, use of healthy and natural materials, water and energy savings… here

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Everything is designed to minimize our impact on the environment and we don’t intend to stop there! There is still a lot of improvement to be done and we have a lot of ideas to have an ever more virtuous and exemplary establishment.

Anchoring ourselves in local life

Supporting the local economy is essential in a region like ours. Keeping local businesses going. Eating and promoting products…

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local. Stay open year round. Get involved in local life… We are fortunate to live in a place where the wealth of our know-how, our agriculture, our crafts is immense. With our good addresses, we invite you to immerse yourself in this territory like no other and meet its inhabitants.